Saturday, 23 March 2013

Life Membership offer

Life Membership offer for £700

In  order to fund the floodlights and build longer term relationships within the club, the Club has reduced the fee for Life Membership to £700 from £1000 for a limited time.

This offer will be open until the House of Commons Dinner on May 11th and is open to anyone who has been a  member for 3 years. If you've not been here that long, come and talk to us and we'll make a pro-rata reduction.

On a purely financial basis, it pays for itself after about 3 years and you don't have the hassle of standing orders, membership or subs each week. If you're like a certain Chairman who's been a member for 9 years, you'll be kicking yourself you didn't do it earlier...

To take up the offer, contact the Treasurer, Edna,, or Chairman, Tim, 



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