Friday, 27 March 2015

1st XV Team Sheet

Afternoon All,

The First XV has been published in the usual place. Meet time is at 12.30pm and the dress code is below:

Acceptable attire- socks with sandals and a string vest are permitted (handkerchief tied around the head even better)- mankinis are encouraged- buckets and spades are beneficial- inflatable armbands or rubber rings get bonus points- if you can find a mini paddling pool/inflatable crocodile then you are automatically afforded immunity from dick of the day.

Fines- just wearing sunglasses in a shit attempt to blag it- wearing flip flops without any other supporting beach garments/accessories (Turi)- forgetting/being too cool to wear beach attire in late march.- other infractions as brought to my/team managers' attention.

See everyone tomorrow


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