Tuesday, 17 March 2015

BUY A BRICK is here

Are you looking to do a little more for the Club?

If you would like to 'buy a brick' you will make a meaningful difference to our funding, at the same time as getting your name recognised!

As part of our 20th anniversary celebrations the 'BUY A BRICK' initiative is here...

You can now 'buy' a brick in the clubhouse - OK you aren't legally owning anything, but to the membership you will be one of the members/supporters who has stumped up when asked to.

Each brick costs £100 and to recognise your generous donation to the Millwall Rugby Club we will be putting up a shiny brass plaque on your very own brick.

You will be able to point to your named brass plaque with pride and know that you have helped out.

Simply fill out the below PayPal details with your name and a title to go with it - e.g. 'supporter' or perhaps 'first team player' .... (we will vet the titles as normal however humour is allowed...)

Name on Plaque

Many thanks!
best regards

Robin Poynder

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