Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Saturday the 28th of March 2015

Right you 'orrible lot, its the last league game for the Firsts and the semi final for the Seconds on Saturday and as such is a themed night.

As we are looking forward to our summer holidays it makes sense to be prepared. Therefore an inspection shall be made post game in the club house (and on the bus for the firsts) this Saturday of your beachwear and accessories. this will apply equally to all persons in the club house and fines dishe out accordingly to aid you in your preparations.

A rough rules guide below:

Acceptable attire

- socks with sandals and a string vest are permitted (handkerchief tied around the head even better)
- mankinis are encouraged
- buckets and spades are beneficial
- inflatable armbands or rubber rings get bonus points
- if you can find a mini paddling pool/inflatable crocodile then you are automatically afforded immunity from dick of the day.


- just wearing sunglasses in a shit attempt to blag it
- wearing flip flops without any other supporting beach garments/accessories (Turi)
- forgetting/being too cool to wear beach attire in late march.
- other infractions as brought to my/team managers' attention.

All absentees will be noted and fines carried over to their next appearance in the clubhouse.

yours truly

Rt. Hon. Baron von Socialeventen

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