Monday, 30 March 2015

Thirst Thursday 9th of April

at 17:30
Next Week

Hubbub Cafe Bar & Restaurant
269 Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs, E14 3RS London, United Kingdom

Due to General Easter Revelry and the long weekend this month's Thirst Thursday has been moved to the 9th of April.

For all you islanders its a welcome break as we plan to head to the famous sunday breakfast haunt of the Hubbub cafe, where hopefully it will be sunny and warm enough to use their outside facilities. If not we can just squeeze upstairs and converse with the clientele, which seems to consist of hipsters and arty types. 

Please therefore remember to bring a beret, skinny jeans, anything from the 1950s or your dads old work shirt to be worn backwards so you don't get paint on your clothes.

Facial hair can be sported but only "trendily" and if you can obtain it, the whole "Where's Wally" kit could be worn to take the piss.

N.B. Please refrain from balancing any bread related items on the clientele whilst they aren't looking or commenting on a ladies jewellery fashioned from rounded beads found inside certain shellfish. It has taken us months to drum up the courage to return after last time....

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