Monday, 23 March 2015

Wednesday - Video Analysis in Training

Wednesday is the chance for all of you budding 6 Nations players to see what you look like on TV!

We'll do some video analysis of two things during training and play them back (conditions permitting) in the clubhouse afterwards so don't rush away.

  1. Attacking mid field from scrum on halfway (multiple phases backs\forwards)
  2. Individual Tackling

The Evening's Entertaintment

The full program for the night is

  • Warmup - Overload touch, colours touch, King of the castle
  • Focus 1 - Attacking mid field from scrum on halfway plus video
  • Video Tackling (option for non-contact)
  • Focus 2 - Identifying Space to attack (15) - the two pitches, Defenders choose, attackers have backs and turn to attack,Choice of where to attack, where is the space, 
  • Pressure - drift or blitz defense

We'll also have some help on the coaching side as David, who you may have met on Saturday, is coming down

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