Sunday, 1 March 2015

Clubhouse openings, training & games (w/c 2/3)

Training (new Monday night structure):
Andy and Randall have kindly offered to conduct the fitness/conditioning and rugby training sessions until the end of the season on Monday nights.  This will be a mixture of fitness training using the gym equipment and tyres as well as rugby specific conditioning.  Please ensure you are all set up and ready to go at 7 30pm and are well fed before the session. No excuses!

Here are the games scheduled for this coming weekend (as at time of writing).  

  • Millwall 1st XV - Dagenham @ Home
  • Millwall Llamas - Away @ Old Cooperians
  • Millwall 3rd XV - Maldon @ Home
  • Millwall Venus - No Game
Please ensure you let us know your availability ASAP so it makes our selection meeting on Wednesday easier. Please email with your availability.


Club Openings/Meetings: 
Monday - Open from 7pm     

Fisher will be opening the club on Monday before training starts at 7pm so you can use the club to change etc. and Ed will be there to serve you after the training session as well.
Wednesday - Open from 7pm    

Fisher will be looking after you this week. So make sure you come down to the clubhouse and celebrate reaching the mid-point of the week and refreshing yourselves after the contact training session.

Friday - Clubhouse CLOSED 

Saturday - Open from 3.30pm - Boris' Birthday bash
One of our new duty managers Kate will be opening the club at 3pm with Paul. So make sure you help her out by ordering all manner of weird and wonderful concoctions. They will also be welcoming the 3 mens teams back as well as some of Boris' mates for his birthday bash.

Sunday - Pub Quiz - Open from 4pm
Flex will be opening the club at 4pm for the first of many Sunday Quizzes that will be ran in the club this year. So come on down and test your grey matter (especially after Boris' birthday bash the night before) and pit your wits against the quiz master.


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